Goodnight Moon

Something's wrong. I have no idea what, but there is this feeling of ominous occurances that seems to be hovering over my head, my heart, my soul. Like the song lyrics I suppose... "There's a needle in the door, and there's glass on the lawn. Tux on the floor, and the tv's on. But I always sleep with my guns when you're gone. There's a blade by the bed, and a phone in my hand. A dog on the floor and some cash on the nightstand. When I'm all alone the demon stops, and I just can't sing. What should I do? I'm just a little baby. What if the lights go out? And Baby, and then the wind just starts to moan outside the door and follow me home? Now, Goodnight, Moon. I want the sun... Goodnight, Moon. There's a shot at the pool and a witch in the tree. The crazy old neighbor's been watching me, and there's footsteps, loud and strong, coming down the hall. Something's under the bed. Now it's out in the hedge. There's a big, black crow sitting on my window ledge, and I hear something scratching through the wall. Oh, what should I do? I'm just a little baby. What if the lights go out? And Baby, I just hate to be all alone outside the door, and followed me home. Goodnight Moon. I want the sun... Soon I'm out the door. Listen until I say Goodnight, Moon." By Shivaree from Kill Bill I think. Anyway, I definately didn't write those lyrics but they kind of fit how I feel. A bit of that mixed with Poe's "Haunted" lyrics, ya know, from the soundtrack for the book "House of Leaves" which also gives me the creeps. Maybe Sleep will be merciful to me tonight and come swiftly.